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Battery Cyclers 型號:IviCycle C1000
  • 多通道電池測試系統。
  • 每個通道:±1A/±5V。
  • 可選購 FRA/EIS:每個通道 10µHz 至 20kHz,用於同步測試。
  • 19 “機架式外殼。
  • 單通道成本低的電池測試解決方案。

IviCycle C1000專為高通道數電池測試需求而設計,亦是您在電池測試上的最佳合作夥伴。 IviCycle 提供低單通道成本、大批量測試解決方案和廣泛的數據存儲能力。
    • 多通道電池測試系統。
    • 每個通道:±1A/±5V。
    • 可選購 FRA/EIS:每個通道 10µHz 至 20kHz,用於同步測試。
    • 19 “機架式外殼。
    • 單通道成本低的電池測試解決方案。

    IviCycle C1000專為高通道數電池測試需求而設計,亦是您在電池測試上的最佳合作夥伴。 IviCycle 提供低單通道成本、大批量測試解決方案和廣泛的數據存儲能力。

    IviCycle 是一種多通道測試系統,具有可選購交流阻抗功能。所有通道分配在 4 個插槽上。可以混合搭配不同的 IviCycle 模組,創建所需的不同合規性的通道數量。
    The C1000模組各有 8 個符合±1A/±5V 標準的通道。這些模組可選只有DC版本(無 EIS),或具有 EIS 版本 ( 每個通道都具有交流阻抗功能 )。這意謂著可以同時/並行測量所有通道的交流阻抗。IviCycle 內建 DataSecure 模組,可完全獨立於個人電腦存儲每個通道的所有數據。這樣可以確保在通訊中斷或個人電腦當機/更新時,測量仍能繼續,數據不會丟失。這為長時間、多電池測試提供了保障。IviCycle 裝置是設計架設在 19” 機架式外殼中,用戶可輕易將新的模組合併到現有的機架中,或作為獨立的台式多通道系統使用。


    IviCycle配備了整合的 DataSecure 模組:
    • 數據儲存在機上,不同於一般傳輸至電腦儲存。
    • 可連接多台電腦。

    軟體 :
    IviCycle通過 Ivium 自備的 IviumSoft 軟體進行控制。這款功能多樣、直觀易用的軟體可用於儀器控制、數據管理和分析等。IviCycle軟體還可與 LabVIEWTM、C++、Delphi 等軟體連接並由其控制。每台儀器都標配全套 IviumSoft 軟體。
    • 單獨控制不同通道。
    •  同時控制所有通道。
    • 同步啟動。
    • 不同通道的數據可分別繪製或繪製在一張圖表中。
  • Specifications_IviCycle-C1000
    • Multi-channel battery test system.
    • Each channel: ±1A/±5V.
    • Optional FRA/EIS: 10µHz-20kHz on each channel for simultaneous testing.
    • 19" rack-mountable housing.
    • Low cost-per-channel battery test solution.

    Dedicated battery test system
    The IviCycle C1000 is designed to be your perfect partner for high channel-count battery applications. The IviCycle offers a low cost-per-channel, high volume testing solution and extensive data storage capability.

    Complete solution
    The IviCycle is a multi-channel test system with optional impedance capability. The channels are divided over 4 modules. It is possible to mix and match different IviCycle modules to create the desired number of channels with varying compliance.
    The C1000 modules each have 4 channels of ±1A/±5V compliance. The modules are available either as a DC version (no EIS), or as an EIS version with impedance capability on each of the channels. This means that simultaneous/parallel impedance measurements are possible on all channels. The IviCycle has an integrated DataSecure module that stores all data for each channel completely independently from the computer. This ensures that if there is a communication loss or a computer crash/update, the measurement will continue and data will not be lost. This provides peace-of-mind for long duration, high throughput testing. The IviCycle unit is built into a 19inch rack mountable housing for easy incorporation into existing storage racks, or as a stand-alone bench-top multi-channel system.

    The maximum current or potential of the instrument can be defined by the operator. Thus valuable samples may be protected, and unsafe situations prevented.

    Data security & Connection
    The IviCycle is equipped with an integrated DataSecure module:
    • Data is stored on board independent of the computer.
    • Connection of multiple PCs is possible

    The IviCycle is controlled via Ivium’s own software, IviumSoft. This versatile, yet intuitive software, allows instrument control, data management and analysis, etc. The IviCycle can also be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of software is included as standard with each instrument.
    • Control of separate channels individually
    • All channels simultaneously
    • Synchronous start
    • Data from different channels plotted individually or in 1 single graph
  • Specifications_IviCycle-C1000